Trade Anything That Exists Really

Token out ahead of everything else

Issuing wallet:

Dist. Wallet

120 Million TATER minted only ever
60 Million in Issuer Wallet
60 Million in Dist. Wallet

Liq. Wallet

480,000 TATER reserved for Airdrop V-1 (48,000 to the first 100 trustlines)

(you may notice some sends from dist. wallet larger than the airdrop and this is for assistance on the road to where the project is now)

Will have the Tatertot merch store open soon (working on building up supply and building the store.
Working on an app to make TATER the official swap token, this will be a physical world asset swap and stellar asset swap in one (this is the vision)

Further vision will have TATER migrated as an official swap token on a blockchain brought to you by Tatertot and team.

(depending on what the community decides i could lock a certain amount in the issuer wallet to never be touched again)
(It is a possibility you'll be able to use TATER for my upcoming NFT project NO GUARANTEES) 

Already developing a community interactive NFT game!

How do I get TATER?

You'll have to first download a Stellar wallet
i.e. Lobstr, Interstellar 

Make sure your account is funded with at least 2 XLM
Search TATER or use the issuing address above
Select the asset and choose to make a trustline.
From there you can now place orders in the orderbook or swap xlm for TATER
If you can't figure it out join the discord by following the link in Socials and someone will be ready to help!

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